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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Making You

(and what you can do about it)...

Facebook Ad Managers are a dime a dozen.

Anyone with a computer and the technical ability to set up ads can call themselves an “Ads Expert.”

They’ve taken a 3 hour class and can now “speak the lingo”… and since you don’t, you’re kinda flying blind when you hire someone to do Facebook Ads for you.

You’re at the mercy of what they tell you — and because you lack the understanding of how it all works — you never really know if what they’re telling you is true.

So you take a risk, and hope for the best.

And when you’re not making sales, or getting calls booked, the Facebook person you hired says, “Everything looks good on the front end! You’re getting lots of clicks for cheap!”

But you’re not getting the desired outcome you want.

And you don’t know why.

And the reason you don’t know why is because you hired a technician.

You didn’t hire a strategist.

You didn’t hire someone who understands WHY it works when it does…

You didn’t hire someone who understands WHY it didn’t work when it doesn’t…

You didn’t hire someone who understands your audience, your offer and how to attract HIGH QUALITY LEADS.

You didn’t hire someone who is data-driven and understands the “science” of advertising.



Missing Piece

Holding You Back From

The reason your ads aren’t producing the results you want, is because you’re just one missing piece away from greatness.

That missing piece is a special someone…

Someone who actually tracks the data all the way from the click to the sale/call booked…

Someone who actually can INTERPRET the data and tell you EXACTLY what that data means…

Someone who can then take that INTERPRETATION and actually tell you PRECISELY what to improve or change in your marketing funnel so you GET THE RESULT you’re looking for.

You need a data-driven, funnel-diagnosing, strategic-thinking, systematized EXPERT.

You need someone who knows how to do more than check boxes and get cheap clicks.

Because cheap clicks don’t mean a darn thing if they don’t convert to buyers.


And when you’re trying to build a multi-million dollar business, it will take you WAY LONGER and cost you a TON OF MONEY when you hire the WRONG PERSON.

Don’t be fooled my friends.

A data-driven, funnel-diagnosing, strategic-thinking, systematized EXPERT is VERY RARE. Less than 1% of “ads experts” ARE ACTUALLY EXPERTS.

If this sounds like the situation you’re in, and you are sick of not getting the results you’re looking for, you’re in the RIGHT place and have finally found that “ special someone.”


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