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We Slashed $2,500 Off Our HTA Program


Secure a Winning Facebook Strategy for Low Ticket Offers!

We Slashed $2,500 Off Our HTA Program & Added Over $2,673 Worth of Bonuses!


Secure a Winning Facebook Strategy for Low Ticket Offers!

When was the last time you opened Facebook or Instagram and didn’t get an ad for a $27 or $37 product that will solve all of your problems?

And I get it, they’re popular for a reason: they work!

But with the popularity of low ticket offers booming these days, businesses face a huge challenge: in order to sell their tiny offer at volume, they need Facebook ads to scale. And in order to start turning a real profit, you need a LOT of volume.

We’re talking HUNDREDS of buyers… EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

So most business owners do the “right thing” and hire an expert.

But hiring an ad agency is


and eats up all the profits the low ticket funnel produces. 

(I say this as someone who owns an agency with high fees.)

That’s right.

I own an ad agency and I’m telling you not to hire an ad agency.

Now, picture this...
What if you could eliminate the need for an agency and instead insert my winning

into your business?

I’ve spent the last 9 years running Facebook ads for both low and high ticket offers… for some of the big online companies like Digital Marketer, Eric Worre, Russ Ruffino, Pete Vargas, Michael Hyatt, Bethany Hamilton, Jennifer Allwood and more…

I’ve decided to take my Facebook Ad System I use to sell my clients’ low ticket offers and make it available to you to implement right now!

No monthly agency fees taking a cut of your spend.

No weekly meetings with an agency that doesn’t prioritize your business.

Just a proven, scalable Facebook Ads System that puts more money into your pocket.


HTA teaches you exactly how to create ads for low ticket offers in a way that produces the highest ROI possible.

I’m giving you EVERYTHING

you need to know, from beginning to end, to create and manage ads for a low ticket funnel.

I’m holding NOTHING back

By the end of this course, you'll:

Here are the details for

is typically offered twice per year and limited to 24 students.
But the DIY version gives you instant access NOW! 

Sign up now and get started right away!

Total Value $12,555

Regular Price: $2,997

Black Friday Special

Save $2,500

One Time Payment
  • Get the entire course that walks you through the RIGHT Facebook Ad strategy needed to generate sales for low ticket funnels.
  • Immediate Access: We won’t drip this out over 8 weeks like we normally do, once your payment is processed you’ll get access right away.
  • Go at your own pace. Normally we drip this content out over a few weeks time. You’ll get access to all courses and can go at your own pace.
  • Unlimited Access to trainings so you can reference them now and in the future.

We Respect Your Privacy & Information

Hear from my former student, Connor…

connor thumbnail

Connor Walberg

“Home Team ADvantage has been absolutely critical for the growth of my business. It has saved me a LOT of money. The training and the courses were incredible and it really broke past all of the issues I was struggling with. Thank you so much for this program Adrienne, it has been GAME CHANGING for me!”

Stop giving away thousands in profit every month to an agency…

Instead: insert my low ticket Facebook Ad system into your business and use it to manage ads yourself.

Either way, you’ve now got a proven agency system IN HOUSE!

Think about how much money this will save you…


$5,000/month in ad spend = $50,000/year
$3,000/month in agency cost = $36,000/year
10% of ad spend to agency = $5,000/year

TOTAL: $91,000/year

Avg. $5,000/month in ad spend = $50,000/year
One-time cost of HTA = $497

TOTAL: $50,497

HTA is normally $2,997

Get it for $497
on Black Friday!

That’s nearly a 98% savings!

If you are looking to spend on average $5,000 per month in ad spend, here is what the ADDITIONAL costs would be…


$3,000/month in agency cost = $36,000/year
10% of ad spend to agency = $5,000/year

TOTAL: $91,000
per year

One-time cost of HTA = $497 Black Friday Special

TOTAL: $497
one time payment

That’s nearly a 98% savings!

If you are looking to spend on average $5,000 per month in ad spend, here is what the ADDITIONAL cost would be…




per year




one time payment

If someone could insert a proven system into your business… and SAVE you up to $41,000 per year OR MORE… how much would you be willing to pay for that solution?

Well the good news is, I CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM FOR YOU… and it won’t cost you $41,000.
Or ANYWHERE near that price. 

Now, you have a few options:

Pay an agency thousands of dollars a month to run the ads for you…

Struggle to figure out Facebook ads on your own and lose out on thousands in potential revenue each month due to your lack of knowledge and expertise…

OR, you can sign up for

and keep your profits in your pocket!

Hear from my former student, Cindy…


Cindy Lu

“I always thought that ads were just an expense. Now, I’m actually making money on my ads!”

Meet Adrienne

I’m Adrienne Richardson, founder of Powerplay Media, and I’ve been the Facebook Ad Strategist running campaigns for many of the ads you see on Facebook every day.

I’ve spent more than 10 years and over $20 Million in ad spend mastering the Art and Science of using Facebook Ads to generate more than 750,000 leads and $90,000,000+ in sales for my clients.

I’ve coached hundreds of businesses and taught more than 6,500 business owners how to create, manage and scale Facebook Ads themselves, which allowed them to save hundreds of thousand of dollars by not needing to hire an outside ad agency.

My simple teaching method helps students turn confusion into confidence and Facebook CLICKS INTO CASH!


This course will teach you how to do ads to what’s commonly referred to as a “Self Liquidating Offer” or “SLO.” The typical price point for an SLO is somewhere between $27-47 and includes 1-2 upsells that range in price from $17-197. If you’re unsure if your offer is a good fit for this program, shoot me an email at [email protected] to find out.

YES! You definitely can. This class will benefit ANYONE who wants to learn how to manage Facebook ads for a low ticket offer no matter how big or small your company is.

No previous experience with Facebook Ads is necessary.


All of the trainings live in the membership site and students will have unlimited, lifetime access to them.

I’m selling this course at rock-bottom price because it does not include any support.

If you would help with your ads, you’re welcome to join my private mentorship program, Powerplayers Club. It includes daily access to me via the private Facebook Group and I host weekly Q&A Calls where you can get more in depth support from me. Go to www.wearepowerplay.com/ppc to join.

YES! A great low ticket offer is the perfect feeder for a high ticket program. Using SLOs to grow a list of buyers who want to work with you at a higher level is a very smart strategy lots of businesses are using today.

YES! That’s why we’ve included Offer Cure as a bonuses to this course. In Julie’s course, she’ll teach you how to create your first low ticket offer. This is the exact same program I’ve used to create and sell all of my low ticket courses.

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