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Impact of Apple iOS 14 Update on
Facebook Ads

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Video #1: Everything you need to know about the iOS 14 Update

Getting Your Domain Verified

Video #2: Setting up a Business Manager

Video #3: Domain Verification, Two-Factor Authentication & Adding a Backup Admin

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pages where a conversion takes place have to be a page on a domain you own and you have verified. It's not enough to just verify the domain you are sending traffic to (i.e. your registration/sales page). For example, if you're running ads to a webinar, the page people see AFTER they register, MUST ALSO be a page on a domain you own and verified inside of Facebook, in addition to the registration page itself. This means if you're running ads to an SLO offer, where multiple conversions take place, i.e. SLO sale, OTO sale, those pages where the conversion happens, must also be on a domain you have verified. In essence, ANY PAGE where a conversion takes place, must be on a domain you own and have verified inside of Facebook.

Video #4: Aggregated Event Measurement

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're running traffic to a new domain that you haven't run traffic to before (or haven't for an extended period of time), your conversion event might not show up inside the Aggregated Event Measurement tool until you start running traffic to that domain, and that conversion is triggered several times. If you DO NOT see your conversion event listed in AEM, check back again after you've been running ads for a few days to this new domain, and the event should show up in there. Sometimes it can take up to 72 hours. 

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