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Workshop 1 : People Prospecting: How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook ($97 value)
Workshop 2: The Targeting Tune Up ($137 value)
Workshop 3: Purposeful and Precise Placement

($97 value)

Workshop 4: Compelling Copy Fix ($167 value)

BONUS: Facebook Ad Checklist ($27 value )
BONUS: All Eyes on Me: Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass ($57 value)
BONUS: Facebook Ad Report Card ($37 value)
BONUS: Rules of Conduct Made Simple: Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery ($67 value)

Audience Targeting Cheat Sheet

Take back control of your Facebook Ads with my pre-vetted targeting solutions for dozens of popular niches… (includes dating, health/wellness, faith and other popular industries that were almost completely eliminated).

Discover over 2,000 targeting options I’ve researched and categorized for you… saving you hours of frustration and trial and error… (these are the same targets I use for my private clients).

Tap into the power of getting your ads in front of the right audience again even with all the significant changes Facebook has made. Take that Zuckerberg! 
($97 value)

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