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I am so excited for you! I created this program because 99% of the time, when I get on a coaching call for the first time with a new client, the first words out of their mouth are:


I’ve heard this thousands of times over the years, and I FINALLY decided to package up my expertise and sell it to the general public.

With On Target, you’re going to learn exactly how to take control of your targeting so you can attract the RIGHT people at the best cost possible.

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In my LIVE Targeting Review Workshop, I’ll take a look at the targeting and placement you chose and make sure you made the right choices.

I’ll even offer suggestions for other audiences you can test and guide you on how you’ll scale when you’re ready.

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Landing Page Optimizer Masterclass

In this class, I teach you how to improve the conversion rate on your landing pages. Increasing the conversion rate on your landing page will bring down your overall cost per lead… which means even more leads, for less! When you combine this optimizer with the new targeting you’ll create from the On Target program, get ready for exponential performance improvement! I normally charge $97 for this masterclass, but you get it FREE when you purchase the Targeting Review Workshop.

Stat Tracking Spreadsheet

It’s very important to track the data from your ads so you know exactly how they’re performing. You also want to track the rate of improvement. You can’t improve what you don’t track! Knowing your numbers is a MUST when it comes to managing and scaling your ad campaigns. I’ve never sold this spreadsheet before. I only ever share it with clients whose ads I manage personally. But you get it FREE when you purchase the Targeting Review Workshop.

Interpreting Data Tutorial

Now that you’re tracking that data, what does it all mean? I’ll show you what data to track, how to interpret that data… and how to use the information to strategically and wisely optimize your ads… so… you guessed it… improve performance even more! Yes, friends. We’re talking next level optimization! I’m giving you the exact methods I use to manage my private client’s accounts. When you master this skill of interpreting data, you can troubleshoot and fix any problems with your ads and turn losing campaigns into winners! Honestly, this bonus alone is worth thousands. It will totally revolutionize your Facebook Ad results. And you get it 100% FREE with the Targeting Review Workshop purchase. 

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