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Episode 13

Empowering Women Business Owners


Christina Rosenberg

Women, as many people say, can do it all. And that includes setting up a business and seeing it thrive and grow. But the challenge of balancing their duties under the many hats they wear — mother, wife, and businesswoman to name a few — can be overwhelming at times. It tests their grit, their vision, and it strains them in ways that many people fail to see which is why giving women entrepreneurs the right support system and a safe space to grow into their own mold as an entrepreneur is crucial for them to create their own version of success.

Christina Rosenberg is on a mission to help women business owners give up the struggle and sacrifice they’re enduring to reach their goals, and help them shift their business to get to that seven and eight-figure reality. She is the founder of Empower Women Business Owners, a business coaching company through which she helps women around the world scale their existing businesses to seven and eight figures. She has grown her company from scratch to $22 million in annual revenue, scaled her salesforce from 5 to 100, and acquired her competitors. 

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