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Facebook Advertising Expert


Adrienne Richardson

Episode # – Facebook Advertising Expert

Adrienne Richardson is a lead generation expert who manages more than $4 million in advertising dollars per year. She specializes in helping industry experts, universities and entrepreneurs get more leads and clients through high-converting Facebook ads.

The clients Adrienne has worked with over the last 3 years have benefited from more than $30 million in new revenue. As a result, she has become a go-to online marketing strategist for businesses that want to add more commas and zeros to their profits.

Adrienne has been featured on dozens of podcasts and trains at multiple events each year, including Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT). Some of her clients include Russ Ruffino, Kendall SummerHawk, Jenn Scalia, Selena Soo and Emily Williams to name a few.

Adrienne currently resides in southern New Jersey with her husband and two children. Most of her evenings are spent at the freezing cold ice rink watching her son play hockey.

Learn more: www.adriennerichardson.com

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