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Episode 14

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses


Brad Martineau

Just because you want things to be automated doesn’t mean you get to let go of the personal experience that you need to create for your clients. In the world of business where marketing automation is becoming more and more common, having a clear understanding of the difference between an automated response and an automatic response is imperative.

For Brad Martineau, getting your leads, turning them into prospects and then to potential clients, and keeping them happy are things that, put together, can be a recipe for success. But how do you make your client relationship satisfying, effective, and efficient? The answer lies with the right Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Brad Martineau is the CEO of SixthDivision and Co-Founder of PlusThis. He is one of the most recognized and widely sought-after thought leaders and speakers on marketing automation for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He is the resident marketing automation expert for Digital Marketer’s Faculty, Archangel’s Council, the invite-only Board of Advisors, and the Genius Network.

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