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Season 2: Episode 6

Live Call-in Q&A Show


Adrienne Richardson

In this episode...

How do you choose the right people to target when creating a Facebook ad campaign? The best place to start is usually with your primary audience. These are the people who are already ideal clients for your business, meaning that they are currently looking for the solutions that you offer. Next, you’ll want to target people who are considering your offer. This approach is a bit trickier, and there are many ways to go about attracting and converting a second and third audience. Luckily, Facebook lead generation expert Adrienne Richardson has some valuable advice up her sleeve.

In this week’s episode of Powerplayers in Business and Life, host Adrienne Richardson answers questions from her listeners about how to target different audiences with your Facebook ad campaigns. She gives her advice on the best ways to increase your engagement, how to target within the Special Ad Category, and when you should bundle multiple audiences in one ad set. Stay tuned.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

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