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Want High Quality Leads from Facebook Ads

but Frustrated and Confused by What it Takes to Get Them ?

On Target is a powerful workshop series that teaches you exactly how to get five-star leads that are hot-to-buy perfect clients…even if you’re in the “hard to find” niches!

The Biggest Mistake Most Business Owners Unknowingly Make with Their Facebook Ads That Causes Them to Waste Money on Low Quality, Expensive Leads …

Over the last 6 years, I’ve helped over 3,000 business owners use Facebook Ads to grow their business …

I’ve worked with businesses in almost every niche….

Wealth, Health, Education, Coaching, Medicine, Business, Fitness, Relationships, and many other B2B and B2C industries.

There’s one MAJOR THING

they ALL had in common when it comes to the success OR FAILURE of their Facebook Ads…

This one thing was the difference between them

getting high-quality leads

attracting all the wrong people who will never buy from them…

This one thing was the difference between them

signing up new clients, at price points from $500-$15,000

only attracting people with no money and no motivation to buy...

This one thing was the difference between them

making $3-10 back for every dollar they spent on Facebook Ads…

going broke and having to close their business.

This one thing was….



Ok… right now, maybe you’re thinking, “Not me. I don’t have a targeting problem.”

Here’s how to know for sure.

You have a targeting problem if:

your email list is full of people who don’t buy from you...

your sales pages for your low ticket offers aren’t producing sales profitably...

your webinar isn’t producing calls with the right people…

WHO you show your ads to will make or break your success with Facebook Ads.

NO… the problem likely isn’t your funnel… or your offer… or because you’re not a Facebook master…

WHO you CHOOSE to target your ads to is the 
#1 most common mistake
people make with their ads.

Why is that?

I’m glad you asked!

You see, the reason targeting is such a difficult thing to do… and why so many people mess it  up… is because they simply don’t know what they don’t know….


They don’t know how to target people who want to buy what they are selling…

They don’t know all the possible targeting options available inside the Ads Manager and which ones are best for their audience…

They don’t know how to layer targeting in a way that reaches their exact, ideal client/customer...

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of your ads – and how profitable they will be – is limited by the knowledge and expertise you have in those 3 areas.

The other BIG PROBLEM, and perhaps the MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM, is that most people take the wrong APPROACH to targeting.

And the truth is, with so many “Facebook experts” popping up every day, knowing what approach is best for your business can be very confusing!

These pop up experts are telling people…

Do video ads because they're a cheap way to build a custom audience…

Create lookalike audiences as quickly as possible and only run ads to them…

Go broad and let the pixel find your people…

Test hundreds of variations of audiences and ad creatives...

The algorithm is so smart… let Facebook choose the targeting for you…

The approach most people wrongly take, is what I call a “1D” approach to targeting.​

They focus on things like age, gender, location…

They choose keywords or broad topics their audience may be interested in…

They cast a wide net that lacks specificity and purpose...

Or, they go overboard and put way too many interests together

You see most people think of Targeting as one-dimensional.

They think the choices in the targeting area of the Ads Manager is the only piece to targeting.

This is a big mistake.

All of the above approaches are

dead wrong

if your goal is to attract high quality leads at the absolute best price.

They work if you’re interested in cheap clicks.

They work if you’re interested in likes and views.

They don’t work if you’re interested in actually growing and sustaining a profitable business.

Likes… and video views… and cheap clicks…  don’t pay the bills my friend!

You need

Five-star leads, who…

Have the problem you can solve and,

Are motivated to fix that problem and,

Are willing to invest to fix said problem...

This is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to make a return on your
advertising investment!

If you’re reading this and realizing your targeting is all wrong… don’t beat yourself up.

All hope is not lost.

Don’t start hatin’ on Facebook or thinking about all those dollars wasted.

I have a different, better way.

I use a 3 dimensional approach called the

To get five-star leads, there are 3 crucial parts to targeting you must have…

People + Problem

Precise Placement

The Power Pull

When you use each part properly…  all together in harmony…  it will completely transform your results. 

The 3P Power Plan has helped thousands of businesses generate hundreds of thousands of five-star leads and sales, month after month… for a fraction of what they’ve been paying.

Who am I and why should you believe me?

I’m Adrienne Richardson, founder of Powerplay Media and I’ve been the Facebook Ad Strategist running campaigns for many of the ads you see on Facebook every day.

I’ve spent more than 6 years and over $10 Million in ad spend mastering the Art and Science of using Facebook Ads to generate more than 50,000 leads and $50,000,000 in sales for my clients.

During that time, it’s the 3P Power Plan that’s allowed businesses to put the perfect message… in front of the perfect audience… to produce the perfect leads… so they can grow in a predictable, reliable and profitable way.

My methodology is known for giving business owners the best possible way to turn $1 in Facebook ad spend into a $3-10 return, consistently.

So now that I’ve got your attention, let me ask you this:

Is your calendar full of quality leads, who want what you have and are willing to invest to get it?

Are your ads producing predictable, reliable leads and sales every day?

Are you making $3-10 back for every dollar you spend on ads?

Is your email list full of people who have the problem you solve?

Are you getting all the leads and sales you want, whenever you want them?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then you need to keep reading, so today can be the last day that happens to you.

The Facebook Ad Targeting Course that teaches you exactly how to get

five-star leads

that are hot-to-buy perfect clients…even if you’re in the “hard to find” niches!

On Target is perfect for the business owner who’s sick of spending their hard-earned money on Facebook Ads that don’t produce high-quality leads and sales.

Tap into this big brain of mine and learn how to sharpen your targeting know how so you can stop attracting people who aren’t your ideal clients. 

When you get access to what’s in my noggin, it’s like having me on your marketing team!

No 40 module classes

No 318 page workbook / PDFs

No fluff-filled useless information

You get just EXACTLY what you need to create profitable, reliable ad campaigns that attract the exact clientele you want to work with…. and are ready to pay for the value you offer.

They have the problem you solve. And they want to fix it.

Once you acquire the skill of targeting with precision, you’ll be able to grow your list faster, fill your webinars, and make more sales… to the RIGHT people.

Because who cares if you grow a huge list for cheap, if that list is full of people you can’t help.

Or what good does it do to run ads to your low ticket offer, and put that offer in front of people who have no interest in buying from you.


... you’ll be able to get more leads and sales at a lower cost,

...Without wasting tons of money on testing,

...or hiring so called “experts” who barely know more than you do about Facebook Ads.

Your confidence and certainty about your ability to grow your business using Facebook Ads will skyrocket once you’ve got the knowledge and wisdom needed to choose the RIGHT targeting to attract amazing clients who you love to work with and they love to work with you.

When you purchase On Target, you’ll know exactly how to FIND your peeps on Facebook, set up your campaigns properly so you can get the absolute best cost per conversion… and attract leads for less than you’re paying now… and not just any leads… quality leads… that are hot for what you’ve got.



Workshop 1: 

People Prospecting: How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook

In this workshop, you’ll create your primary and secondary audiences and know exactly when and how to use each one. Most people don’t know how to choose proper targeting because they don’t know what all their options even are! You’ll end this training with a crystal clear knowledge of what targeting options are best for reaching your specific audience. Included are step-by-step instructions and exercises that make selecting your targeting a breeze.

Workshop 2: 

The Targeting Tune Up

In this workshop, I’ll show you how to take those primary and secondary audiences and add some BOOM BOOM POW to them by layering your targeting to reach the RIGHT people who have the PROBLEM you solve. I’ll give you my 3P Power Plan that’s so easy – you’ll never struggle with targeting ever again.

Workshop 3: 

Purposeful and Precise Placement

In this workshop, I’ll teach you about ad placement. Where you place your ads can make or break their success. Choosing “auto placement” will make your costs go up and performance go down. Don’t believe the hype! Letting Facebook themselves choose FOR YOU is not going to get you the outstanding results you desire. I’ll show you how to choose the CORRECT placement for the offer you’re running traffic to. Knowing this information is the difference between getting lots of “cheap clicks” and actually getting loads of CONVERSIONS.

I’ll also teach you a sneaky little trick to use with mobile traffic that can produce 2x-10x more leads and sales than you’re getting now.

Workshop 4: 

Compelling Copy Fix

In this workshop, I’ll give you 10 simple steps to writing ad copy that PULLS your ideal client in. Good copy is compelling, relevant to your audience and works in tandem with your targeting to attract the right people and repel the wrong people. Most people don’t realize that copy is part of targeting so they fail to include key language that moves your peeps to take action! The simple 10 steps I’ll give you will make writing ad copy as easy as 1… 2… 10, even if you consider yourself a terrible copywriter.


Apple iOS 14.5


If your ads aren’t iOS 14.5 compliant, Facebook will turn off your ads. Get step-by-step training on things like Domain Verification, Two-factor authentication, Aggregated Event Measurement and more. The training includes 4 easy-to-follow, guided tutorials to show you the EXACT STEPS you need to take. These changes are happening RIGHT NOW, you cannot afford to delay another day!

Facebook Ad Checklist

Never miss a step! This checklist takes all the “don’t forget this” parts from each training and provides a simple reminder and prompt for making sure you don’t miss anything in your targeting, placement or ad copy. Print this off and keep as a quick reference guide each time you set up a new ad. This is your new marketing BFF.

Facebook Ad Report Card

This handy dandy report card shows you how to score your current ads in 5 key areas. Add up your score at the end to see what grade you get. This will help pinpoint the exact leaks in your funnel and how to improve performance in each area. Use this again and again as you test new ads and funnels.

All Eyes on Me:

Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass

The image in your ad has one job – to STOP THE SCROLL! A good image grabs attention and gets people to stop and read your ad. If they don’t ever read that awesome copy you wrote, they can’t ever be compelled to take action! In this training, I’ll show you the difference between good images and bad ones, and provide 8 specific types of images that grab attention the best – no matter who your audience is! A good image will also help bring your cost per click down tremendously… contributing to an overall lower cost per action!

Rules of Conduct Made Simple:

Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery

Avoid the Facebook Smackdown!
These days, Facebook compliance is becoming tighter and stricter. Ad accounts are getting shut down left and right, leaving business owners scared about what this means for the future of their business. If you get too many ads denied, Facebook will shut down your account in a hot second. I’ll show you how to stay compliant and deny this drama all together…
I also include insider tips for getting your ad account back, should you be faced with such doom.

Total value = $686

Today’s Price = $37

We Respect Your Privacy & Information

I recently purchased On Target and I just want to THANK YOU for your training! It came at the most perfect time! I revamped my ads based on your suggestions and I am so thrilled with my results I just had to share!

Prior to your course, my ads to my $27 tiny offer were scraping by (I was spending about $28 to get one purchase…so not ideal)! BUT since I followed your suggestions, my ads are performing so much better!…I couldn’t be happier! I finally feel like I can scale now!

My ads are still going strong a week into the process…let me just say that it’s freaking phenomenal to wake up and find that I sold my tiny offer multiple times while I slept (and it’s happened while I’ve been baking with my kids and out enjoying bike rides too)!!! It’s amazing to have ads finally working FOR me in the background while I live my life and enjoy my family! Thank you again!!!! I’m truly grateful!

So thank you, thank you – THANK YOU!!! On Target was the missing link I needed!!!

Heather Chesky

Creator of The Booked Photographer

The truth is I could for sure charge $200 or $300 for this workshop series and it would still be a steal. It’s a step-by-step system that produces exactly the result I promise!

It will save you time, money and your sanity…

But because you probably already wasted money on other programs that overpromise and underdeliver…

And maybe you aren’t 100% sure if you like or trust me yet…

So I’m making

Instead of giving it away for $197… or even $97…
today I’m practically giving it away at


Because I know for a fact, that your mind will explode with the uber useful, highly effective, easy to consume trainings that will completely transform your Facebook Ad results… and leave you coocoo for cocoa puffs… erg… I mean… leave you overjoyed with the value bombs that are about to be dropped on you.




I’m 100% confident you’re going to love On Target. You’re getting access to the system I’ve developed and used to turn $1 into $3-10 on Facebook for the last 7 years.

This isn’t a magic pill though.

You have to do the work and implement what you learn. You have to follow instructions and kick what you think you know to the curb and implement the On Target system.

I’m not promising you’ll make $3 or $10 back for every $1 you spend… because it would be illegal for me to make promises like that.

But what I CAN promise you, is that you’ll have my exact system… my unique step-by-step process I’ve used to help thousands of my clients attract hot-to-buy leads at the very best price.

Keep in mind, how profitable your Facebook Ads will be has to do with how well you implement what you learn in this training AND how well your marketing funnel converts your new, low cost, quality leads into SALES.

However, if you go through the training and implement what you learned, and if you still aren’t able to reach your ideal audience, I’ll issue a full refund if the request is made within 7 days of your purchase.

Just want to thank you for your time and talents. I went through On Target and made a few tweaks based off your training. I’ve watched my ads skyrocket to as high as 5.63% CTR!

Rachel Slotnick

CEO, Mindstrong Fitness

Why buy now rather than next week?

If the latest crisis wasn’t a wake up call for you, I don’t know what would be.

As you’ve just witnessed, life can change in a moment.

The time to take action is NOW

Learn this important skill

before it’s too late.

Now is not the time for hesitation.

Now is the time for action.

Do what you need to do RIGHT NOW so you can have the business and life you want for the future.

You can’t do that when you waffle… dillydally... or hem and haw.

You can’t do that when you’re indecisive.

You can’t do that if you don’t take control.

puts you in the

Word of mouth, content marketing, blogs, podcasts… Those are all fine and dandy but they are passive marketing. You wait around on them to produce leads. You’re at their mercy!

When you have high-performing, predictable Facebook Ads, you decide how fast your business grows. You decide how many new leads and clients you get.

You call the shots!!

Don’t leave that to chance. And most certainly, don’t wait another day.

The longer you wait to fix this problem, the more it will cost as you continue to get beat out by competitors and your poorly targeted ads continue to drain your bank account.

But you don’t have to continue to play the Facebook slot machine and gamble with your money, unsure of whether you’ll ever even make a profit on your ad spend.

That’s not cool my friend, and that’s not what I want for you. 

I want to help you fix this problem


And I can help you do that with

You’ll get all four workshops, plus the four crazy good bonuses for less than it costs for an Uber Eats delivery!


People Prospecting: How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook

(Valued at $97)


The Targeting Tune Up

(Valued at $137)


Purposeful and Precise Placement

(Valued at $97)


Compelling Copy Fix

(Valued at $167)


Facebook Ad Checklist

(Valued at $27)


Facebook Ad Report Card

(Valued at $37)


All Eyes on Me: Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass

(Valued at $57)


Rules of Conduct Made Simple: Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery

(Valued at $67)

Total value = $686

Today’s Price = $37

We Respect Your Privacy & Information

I purchased On Target from a Facebook ad. I was very skeptical and assumed I was wasting my money. I’m glad I purchased it! It was fantastic! I have bought 3 or 4 similar classes before from other people, but the production value and knowledge/energy that Adrienne brings really make the videos worth watching all the way through and super helpful! Thank you!

Joseph Cadwell

Cubed Agency

Frequently Asked Questions About On Target

I did my best to give you the exact information you need to have success with your Facebook Ads. I included no more and no less. There is no fluff, no space fillers included. Every class gets straight to the point and gives you exactly what you need to know, delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. You can consume all of the content in less than 5 hours and start implementing immediately.

On Target works for almost any online service-based business – ideal for coaches, consultants, doctors/chiropractors, health & fitness experts, financial advisors, lawyers, influencers and leaders, as well as those selling infoproducts, challenges, or live events. Perfect for advertising lead magnets, webinars, VSLs, podcasts and more.

This does not work for local businesses that don’t have a marketing funnel in place to convert traffic to leads and leads to sales. Examples are: nail & hair salons, retail stores,  restaurants, plumbers (and other professional services like HVAC, roofers, etc) or any other business that does not have a marketing funnel. And if you’re asking yourself, “what is a marketing funnel?” that is a good indicator that you don’t have one and this won’t work for you.

Once you’ve got all of your new ad campaigns set up, it takes about 7 days for your ads to fully optimize. You’ll start noticing a difference in your ad performance and results within the first week or two.

Yes! I’ve worked with over 3,000 businesses in all different industries… both large and small. The techniques taught in this program work for a wide range of industries including wealth, health, education, coaching, medicine, business, fitness, relationships, and many other B2B and B2C industries, as long as you have a marketing funnel in place to capture leads and sales.

Yes, the targeting methodology I teach in On Target applies to eCommerce-related businesses.

Yes, but there are some modifications that will need to be made. If you will be using this training for a brick and mortar business, we have a special micro-bonus training that specifically addresses what you’ll need to do differently. There is no extra cost for this additional training and it’s already loaded in the membership site for you.

Yes, however, due to compliance rules for Real Estate Agents you will have to modify your ads slightly. There are 3 parts to targeting that I teach. 1 of them is not compliant for Realtors to use. The other two ARE compliant and can be used by Real Estate professionals.

You won’t get stuck my friend. These trainings are created in an easy to follow, step-by-step model that’s so clear and simple your 80-year-old grandma can do it. I promise you won’t get lost or confused.

No, this training is for people who already know how to set up ads in the Ads Manager. This training does NOT include instructions for how to use the Ads Manager in general. As long as you know how to do that, this program will give you what you need. Whether you’re just getting started or have been running ads for years, On Target will help you get the best results possible.

No, you must have something to run your traffic to. Whether it’s a lead magnet, webinar, VSL, sales page, challenge, live event, or something similar, you must have a marketing funnel of some sort. AND, you must know how to set up a Facebook campaign. If you’ve never run a single ad and don’t know how to build an ad campaign, this program will be a level above where a novice is at.

Yes, as soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email confirmation with a password to access all of the trainings immediately.

You keep access for the life of the program.

No, one person per purchase gets access to the trainings.

Yes, see the info above about our Power Promise.

Are you ready to get more leads, that are way better quality, at the best cost possible?

One ad targeted precisely, with compelling copy placed in the exact right spot can literally be the difference between a successful business and one that never gets off the ground.

Almost all of the top online businesses attribute their rapid growth to Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads don’t have to be a source of anxiety and uncertainty when you use the

With On Target, you’ll have all you need to create profitable, reliable, lead generating campaigns that allow you to create predictable growth for your company.

Let’s Get This Party Started!



Workshop 1

(Valued at $97)

People Prospecting:

How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook

Workshop 2

(Valued at $137)

The Targeting Tune Up

Workshop 3

(Valued at $97)

Purposeful and Precise Placement

Workshop 4

(Valued at $167)

Copy Fix


(Valued at $27)

Facebook Ad Checklist


(Valued at $37)

Facebook Ad
Report Card


(Valued at $57)

All Eyes on Me: 

Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass


(Valued at $67)

Rules of Conduct Made Simple:

Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery

Workshop 1

(Valued at $97)

People Prospecting:

How to Find Your Peeps on Facebook

Workshop 2

(Valued at $137)

The Targeting Tune Up

Workshop 3

(Valued at $97)

Purposeful and Precise Placement

Workshop 4

(Valued at $167)

Compelling Copy Fix


(Valued at $27)

Facebook Ad Checklist


(Valued at $37)

Facebook Ad Report Card


(Valued at $57)

All Eyes on Me: 

Choosing Attention Grabbing Images Masterclass


(Valued at $67)

Rules of Conduct Made Simple:

Ad Compliance and Account Denial Recovery

Total value = $686

Today’s Price = $37

We Respect Your Privacy & Information

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