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I have been so blessed to be part of the Powerplayers Club with Adrienne for some time now. I have never had as low a cost per lead as I have since she helped me adjust my ads. She is really phenomenal! She's attentive and always has time for me. Before PPC, my ads used to go through various ups and downs. Some weeks were great and other weeks, they were scary. Being a member of PPC gives me peace of mind to know I won't ever be stuck and second guess myself. Whenever I need help, I come to a Q&A call and get Adrienne's help.

Food Addiction Therapist

Facebook ads have baffled me for years. Adrienne is the first person whose training made me feel like this was something I could even learn. The way she teaches targeting is SO GOOD and SO SIMPLE. As soon as I implemented what I learned from her first training, I started seeing tangible results. She’s seriously an amazing teacher.
Coach, Author, Speaker | Life [In] Grace