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Voxer For A Day
July 28th from 10am to 3pm CT
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Download the free Voxer app on your mobile device. You can also use it on your computer in your browser.

We will use the app to send voice and text messages back and forth to each other.


Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 28th.

I'll send you a reminder email and text the night before and morning of too.

Add event to calendar
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On the morning of July 28th, grab your phone at 10am CT and send me a voice or text message.

We’ll chat here and there throughout the day until 3pm to solve your problems and make game-changing decisions for your business. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When do I get to talk to Adrienne?
A: You’ll get access to Adrienne via the Voxer app on July 28th from 10am to 3pm CT.

Q: Will I get to talk to Adrienne for 5 hours straight?
A: No. The purpose of Voxer for a Day is to send messages conveniently back and forth through the app, without having to block out an entire day on your calendar. Adrienne will return your messages within an hour or less of receiving them.
You will chat with her multiple times throughout the day.
Q: Do I have to respond to Adrienne’s messages within a certain amount of time?
A: You respond at your convenience anytime between 10am and 3pm CT on July 28th.
Q: What happens if my question doesn’t get answered during the allotted time?
A: All questions have to be submitted by 3pm CT. Adrienne will have ALL questions answered by 4pm CT.

Q: How many questions can I ask Adrienne?
A: There is no specific limit on how many questions you can ask. Keep in mind though, Adrienne will be responding here and there throughout the day, and only during the hours of 10am and 4pm CT (final questions must be submitted by 3pm CT).