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The Easy Way To Put My Process To Work

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped more than 3,000 business owners

create profitable Facebook Ad campaigns that helped produce over $50 Million in revenue.

Using my R.O.I. Scaling Method, online business owners have been able to confidently scale their companies using my predictable, reliable and profitable ad methodologies.

What most people believe can’t be done with ads… I’ve proven thousands of times it CAN be done when you have the right strategy.

The R.O.I. Scaling Method

The RIGHT MESSAGE + the RIGHT AUDIENCE is key to a profitable and successful ad campaign. My method of targeting + ad copy is specific and precise and produces high-quality leads.

My method for tracking and interpreting data allows me to make calculated adjustments to ads to improve optimization and enhance ad performance.

When it comes to scaling, there’s a definite right and wrong way to increase the budget. With my “tiered expansion approach,” I’m able to keep campaigns profitable and lead quality high, while exponentially increasing the volume of leads.

Since 2013,

Powerplay has helped over 3,000 businesses to get more leads and sales that produced

for their businesses.

This 90-day program is for business owners who want to get their Facebook ads and marketing funnels completely dialed in and scaled significantly so they can increase their leads and sales in 3 months or less.


You’re confused by all the online marketing strategies available and need help dialing in a funnel that produces consistent, reliable leads and sales at the best cost possible. You need help with Facebook ads, targeting, landing pages and all that other crazy funnel stuff.

Game Plan

Join this exclusive group with other Powerplayers like you and get these club benefits:

  • Access to my library of trainings - I’ll teach you everything you need to know to dial in your Facebook ads and marketing funnel as well as share my unique method for scaling so you can increase your ad spend and grow your business while staying profitable. Each training provides step-by-step instructions in a clear and concise way so you can implement quickly and with ease.
  • Two group Q&A calls per month - Bring your Facebook and marketing questions to the Q&A calls and I’ll personally review your Facebook ad targeting, images and copy as well as landing pages, funnel stats or whatever else you need help with.
  • Copywriting support - Submit up to 2 pieces of copy per month for our copy coach to review. Copy reviews include Facebook ads, emails and landing pages.
  • Facebook Group - Hang out with other Powerplayers in the program to stay accountable, encouraged and connected with other amazing entrepreneurs like you!


Get your current or new marketing funnel and Facebook ads set and producing leads and sales with the added bonus of connecting with a crew of amazing powerplayers!


In order to be part of the club, you need to have a marketing funnel already built, or one that will be ready soon, that you want to run Facebook Ads to. This can be a webinar funnel, low ticket offer, challenge, VSL, lead magnet or live event. You must be coachable, brave, humble and results-focused.



We use both Art and Science to create Facebook campaigns that are data-driven and

No fluffy flim flam marketing allowed.

Private one-on-one coaching


Your marketing funnel isn’t producing the results you want. You know there’s a problem somewhere, but aren’t sure how to find it or fix it.

Game Plan

We’ll jump on Zoom, share screens and I can help you with some or all the following, depending on your needs:

  • Troubleshoot your current funnel and identify where the leaks are and how to fix them
  • Evaluate funnel and identify areas of opportunity for growth and scalability
  • Review ad copy and images if needed
  • Ensure ads are set up using the proper settings that get the best results
  • Evaluate and offer feedback to improve conversions on your Landing Page (this is where most ad conversions FAIL)
  • Develop a marketing strategy to achieve your revenue goals

… or whatever else you need help with!


Reduced cost per lead, improved lead quality, increased volume, better funnel performance, a clear plan for how you will achieve your marketing goals.


Must be coachable, decisive and ready to take action. 


$3,000 USD for six sessions (30 minutes each)

You can make MOVES or make EXCUSES.

Power players

This is my premier “Done For You” service. The mack daddy. The big mamma jamma. If you’re ready to have a world-class expert come in and completely take over your lead gen and exponentially grow your business, this is what you want (and need).


Finding the right person to scale your business who’s a skilled master at marketing plans, messaging, funnels and Facebook Ads… AND who knows how to make all that stuff work harmoniously together to produce millions.

Game Plan

Hire Adrienne


You’ll have an expert that’s an integral part of your team, creating and implementing the marketing plan to achieve all your revenue goals. You’ll have a trusted advisor you can collaborate with to produce the most cost effective and efficient way to bring in as many high-quality leads your company and staff can handle. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands.


Must have a marketing funnel in place that you’ve run traffic to for at least 30 days.

  • Service-based business with national or international offering (no eComm or local businesses).
  • Annual gross revenue of $1 Million or more with a goal to increase by $5-15 Million over the next 3-5 years.
  • Must be coachable, a person of high integrity and a strong leader.

What's Included

  • Develop strategy to achieve client revenue goals
  • Research and identify quality target audiences
  • Write all ad copy and select images
  • Create ad campaigns on Facebook and/or Instagram, including retargeting
  • Manage ad campaigns on a daily basis and make revisions to the ads as needed
  • Diagnose funnels and identify greatest areas of improvement to optimize the funnels and keep quality leads coming in at the best cost possible
  • Troubleshoot challenges and develop solutions (as needed)
  • Advise client on options for scaling campaigns in order to increase revenue and grow the company beyond current revenue goals
  • Provide daily and weekly reports


$5,000 per month + 10% of ad spend.

Limited to 10 companies.

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