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Season 2: Episode 10

Live Call-in Q&A Show


Adrienne Richardson

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When running Facebook ads to a broad audience, creating high-converting copy can be a challenge. In order to reach clients more effectively, you may need to build different ad sets for different groups, then craft unique messages for each set. This messaging may change depending on the geographical locations of your audience, or the certain times of the year when they are most active. In such cases, you have to figure out the best way to target these individual audiences—and Facebook advertising expert Adrienne Richardson is here to help!

Adrienne Richardson, host of the Powerplayers in Business and Life podcast, answers questions from her listeners about the best ways to target cyclical audiences with your Facebook ads. She explains the difference between traffic and conversions, how to adjust your messaging to target multiple audiences, and the importance of geography when crafting high-converting copy. Stay tuned.

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