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Season 2: Episode 7

Live Call-in Q&A Show


Adrienne Richardson

In this episode...

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent restriction of movement and social gatherings, many businesses in the events sector are struggling to survive. For entrepreneurs targeting customers involved in even small events such as weddings, these restrictions are detrimental to their success. So what can these businesses do to stay afloat as events continue to be banned? How can they still attract and convert qualified leads without the same sense of urgency? Lead generation expert Adrienne Richardson has a few tried and tested solutions.

In this episode of the Powerplayers in Business and Life podcast, host Adrienne Richardson answers questions from her listeners about how to pivot your Facebook advertising strategy during unprecedented times. She shares her expertise on targeting an audience that doesn’t have a sense of urgency, driving consumers to videos versus evergreen webinars, and boosting sales in times of crisis. Stay tuned.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Question 1 from Mandy: Should I run Facebook ads to my evergreen webinar or to a video that is available to watch immediately?
  • Question 2 from Mandy: How can I use layering to target the right audience that can afford my services?
  • Question 3 from Mitchell: Should I concentrate on growing my Facebook group when there is a lack of urgency from my target audience?
  • Question 4 from Mitchell: Is it recommended to run a free Facebook group and a webinar simultaneously?
  • Question 5 from Mitchell: Will advertising my webinar to an audience in a different country boost my sales?
  • Question 6 from Mitchell: Should I put all my demographic-based audience in one ad set or should I separate them?

Sponsor for this episode...

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